To Come To The Commandment Of Love

laitman_249.01Question: Can we depict our three-hour morning lesson as one big prayer that includes 612 commandments? We are constantly turning between them in order to come to the commandment of love for our neighbor.

Answer: Yes, consistent fulfillment of the commandments means that we climb the degrees of Jacob’s ladder.

The constant expansion and deepening of egoism in us happens to ensure that we implement connection with each other at greater and greater levels. Every time egoism increases, we perform the commandment of connection on it, up to the love for each other.

Question: Are there 613 commandments at each degree?

Answer: Of course. But we don’t need to consider this because we are originally created this way; our soul’s vessel consists of 613 parts.

In performing 612 advices (Eytin), I receive the influence of the upper Light, which corrects me. It is called Pkudin (from the word “Pikadon – deposit”). In this manner, I constantly fulfill and correct, and again fulfill and correct.

Question: Does the division between 612 commandments and the 613th commandment also exist at each degree?

Answer: Yes, because the 613th commandment does not exist on its own, I am incapable of fulfilling the commandment of love. I cannot be forced to love the other. If I, by fulfilling 612 commandments, receive the upper Light upon my desires, then I become loving and bestowing.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation,” 3/15/18

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