Your Desires Within Me Are Like Pomegranate Seeds

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person is not able to observe the entire 613 commandments on his own. This is because he lacks connection with others, and he must achieve mutual inclusion, absorb their desires, and pass his desires on to them.

Every one of us has his own root of the soul, and everyone becomes included equally in everyone else only when connecting between us and absorbing mutual desires. This is the only way for any person to achieve perfection.

Initially, everyone only had a point of the root of his soul in the world of Infinity. Even though he existed there in a perfect state, this perfection was achieved through the upper Light. The person, himself, meaning everyone’s individual point, was different from the rest. For example, one person pertained to the leg of this common spiritual body, another pertained to the ear, and the third to the hip.

However, after the collective soul broke, all its pieces intermixed and become mutually included in one another. As a result, everyone contains all the others within him. In this way, each receives everything he was lacking in accordance with the root of his soul from the others. The lowest one receives everything from the highest ones, the highest one receives everything from the lowest one; the right receives from the left, and the left receives from the right. In the end, everyone becomes like a pomegranate that contains all the seeds (desires).

In this way, we not only achieve the common perfection, but also the private perfection of every soul. For example, even though a woman is free from observing commandments that pertain to a specific time (such as tzitzit or tefillin), by being included in the others, she makes up for whatever is lacking.

Mutual inclusion also works in relation to the first nine Sefirot and Malchut because the breaking was final to the last, tiniest element in the common structure of Malchut. However, because everyone who strives “straight to the Creator” (YasharEl) are guarantors to one another, it is as if they observe all the commandments together.

I include myself in the others and thus observe a certain commandment. Meanwhile, someone else observes it as his main job. In this way, we all work together. Everyone absorbs the desires of others and bestows to his neighbor. This results in everyone understanding everyone and bestowing to everyone. In the end, we reach the state of loving the other as oneself.

Being separate and egoistic, I only cared for myself, and now, by connecting with others, I achieve knowledge, attainment, and the understanding of all the demands, desires, and thoughts of all the other parts of creation. This is why I am able to give them fulfillment.

In this way, I become similar to the Creator and acquire love for Him. I have come to loving the Creator through loving my neighbor.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/15/2011, Writings of Rabash

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