Suddenly, The Fog Will Dissipate…

laitman_294.3A lot of intelligent work is required in order to work above reason, much more so than work within reason. Working above reason does not presume that a person becomes stupid, disregarding his intellect; on the contrary, he rises above it. He understands everything, feeling, analyzing, and grasping everything, but in addition, he acquires yet another, even higher reason in the next degree, a step plus one. This is called “faith above reason.”

A person does not only know how to conduct actions. He understands where they stem from, why they are this way, what their internal mechanism is, and thus, this attainment obligates him to perform actions. He becomes smarter and doesn’t do anything without a reason, but searches for the root and the cause. This is “above reason,” meaning rising to a higher reasoning, and it is called “the view of the Torah,” when a person searches for how to activate the Light in which the mind and force of the entire creation can be found.

This is an ascent to a new degree, each time like a new creation. A person cannot do this by himself, but he can perform all the necessary actions that will cause such an effect from above, and suddenly new knowledge, feelings, and understanding will open up—the fog will dissipate. Therefore, it is said: “Everything that you find within your power to do, that do!”1

The mind is simply there to serve our egoistic desire, helping a person seek pleasure and avoid trouble, like an animal. Also, if a person understands that he acts within his egoistic desire and is unable to rise above it, then he wants, unlike an animal, to attain the mind of a human, Adam, that is, to be similar to the Creator. He then begins to act not for the purpose of fulfilling his desire for pleasure, but to become similar to the upper force.

This is a different level of existence where a person feels a different reality. He reveals that there is a network of forces of bestowal rather than reception operating in the world. He integrates into the system of connections between people and reveals all the connections in reality through it, a perfect and eternal system that works according to a single principle of mutual bestowal. And a person wants to belong to this network called the Creator.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/12/18, Writings of Rabash, Vol. 2, Article 2 “What Is, “Return, O Israel, Unto the Lord Your God,” in the Work?” (1991)
1 Minute 27:20
2 Minute 36:20

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  1. Very interesting article. It is what i thought about today. Wanted to ask when is a passion of a person revealed? Is it reason or “above reason”?

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