The Connection Between Personal and General Governance

laitman_275Question: There is personal and general governance. How do they fit together?

Answer: General governance descends on the people and the world, and personal governance descends on a person or his small community. At the same time, both types of governance may contradict each other.

Remark: You said that the Creator does not relate personally to a man in any way, only through the whole of mankind.

My Comment: It does not matter. If the Creator affects a person or if people want to selectively affect one another, then it is a personal impact. For example, in creating a mutual guarantee (Arvut), we want to selectively influence our friends.

The Creator has no personal claims to a person. A person is a product of his environment, and therefore, the Creator treats him as a part of this environment.

Question: Our body consists of billions of cells. Can I say that as I do not show my attitude to each cell individually and I cannot even discern them, in the same way, the Creator looks at us and does not see? Does He see only the general picture?

Answer: The fact is that the general system is completely deterministic, interconnected. There is nothing in it to make it necessary to watch selected cells.

We exist in the ideal world that from our perspective looks corrupted, egoistic. The problem of governance is to force us to reveal this ideal world. Therefore, general and individual impacts are connected to each other.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/10/17

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