Playing Hide-And-Seek With The Creator

laitman_249.01Connection has to be reached by an attack! To the extent of our efforts to achieve it in the corporeal world, breaking forth toward connection each according to his understanding and the root of his soul, we force the Creator to actualize it. The Creator is training us, like a teacher, an instructor, and therefore does not always help strengthen unity, but sometimes does the opposite to show us where we need to exert more.

He gives us all kinds of exercises, forcing us to try different ways. And if we interpret His message to us correctly, perceiving everything that is happening in reality, from the breaking of the collective soul in the sin of the Tree of Knowledge up to the present day, as the Creator’s appeal to us to help realize the connection, to that extent we begin to understand our work. We begin to feel our continuous dialog with the Creator, His reaction to us.

We then have a common language with the Creator. The main thing is to start understanding Him, perceiving everything that is happening in the world, supposedly good or bad events, as the Creator’s communication with me, a call to address Him. The Creator hides behind all actions, behind all of reality, and I try to discern His work behind everything happening and to concentrate not on the actions themselves, but on the Creator.

This requires constant perseverance in order to not let the Creator deceive us. No matter how He hides behind everything happening, we turn directly to Him. It makes Him very happy! And it also gives joy to a person if he, with the help of the environment, is ready to accept this game and reveal the Creator above His concealment.

But this is provided that we do not just imagine His presence in everything happening. This is enough only at the very beginning. We then need to move on to more focused work: striving to unite with each other and discovering how much the Creator hinders us in this. This hindrance is where we learn about Him.

It is like climbing a mountain with a royal palace at the summit. The more we try to unite, the more the Creator impedes this: inflicting us with forgetfulness and sending all kinds of disturbances. And we, despite everything, with the help of Arvut (mutual guarantee) and the unity formed, try to help each other; we remind ourselves that the main thing is to remain in the mutual connection to reveal the Creator who realizes this connection and reveals Himself inside it.

In this case, we are called Israel (Yashar-Kel), that is, aimed “straight to the Creator,” because we want to reveal the only true reason for all that is happening in our reality. We want to restore the system of the common soul, Adam HaRishon, which the Creator prevents us from uniting so that through the disturbances we would find out its structure.

This is how the continuous attack on connection continues until the Creator surrenders and says, “I want!” and allows us to unite and reveal Him. We will become a vessel for His revelation, and He, the filling of this vessel, and so we will reach our first adhesion with the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/15/18 “Attacking the Connection”

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