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“How do I stop enjoying?”—Don’t even think about stopping—this is our nature. We must only replace the source of pleasure—instead of enjoying inside the ego, enjoy fulfilling the Creator. But this change happens under the influence of OM [Ohr Makif]
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Spiritual work is gradually receiving less and less in the will to enjoy. Imagine that you won’t receive or attain anything in your ego. Mentally equate yourself to zero. Let your soul merge with the Creator. Increase the will to bestow to Him, doing what the Creator wants.

We’re correcting the common soul of Adam, starting with creating the foundation. It’s hard work since we see excavations of our ego. Only by rising above it do we see our work. Others will finish the construction after us. But laying the foundation is the most important part!

Our generation is restoring the structure of the one common soul, Adam, in the state of the final correction. It’s the most important work ever done on earth. We have to make efforts and the Creator will finish for us. Let’s build a place for His revelation and delight Him.

I want all of my work’s results to be only in the Creator, and I won’t receive anything besides the energy to work, like a car being filled up with fuel, while all my work is for the Creator’s benefit—to such an extent that He won’t even find out about my existence.

A person who works correctly is always full of joy since he has the right connection with the Creator in every state. He is always being governed by the Creator and by being aware of this he already gives pleasure to the Creator, and is therefore happy.
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah
From Twitter, 6/3/18

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