Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 1/7/18

Laitman_510.01Question: What is the reason for confusing people who are not spiritually developed in the beginning of their path?

Answer: Kabbalists don’t confuse anyone. They explain what the wisdom of Kabbalah is with complete precision and how a person should study.

Question: In the Kabbalist’s worldview, how is the perfection of the world expressed? What do you see that I don’t see?

Answer: I see the reason for everything that happens, how to act correctly in this context, and the result of everything that is happening as well, even if it is not realized in our world.

Question: What is the spiritual source of unsolvable financial problems that endure for many years? There is a feeling that we are under the control of an evil fate. How does a Kabbalist relate to a situation like this?

Answer: A Kabbalist feels this as pressure from the Creator acting on him so that he will be engaged with solving his problem in our world and will simultaneously elevate the attainment of the spiritual goal beyond it.

Question: Is your consciousness in the upper world 24 hours a day?

Answer: In principle, yes, it is. More precisely, it is in both worlds.

Question: Is the choice of a profession and changing the type of work that one does connected with the growth of the ego or the influence of the Light?

Answer: Certainly everything is determined by the Light that acts on and influences a person. Nothing is by chance in the world. But a person who is involved with the wisdom of Kabbalah tries to find work that will provide for him materially and simultaneously will make it possible for him to study systematically.

Question: If fate is a program that comes from the Creator, then what is luck? Is it a failure in this program or a reward for the right connection with it?

Answer: This concept of luck exists, but it is possible that it is also from above in the program of spiritual ascent. The intent here is spiritual ascent and not winning the lottery.

Question: Is it possible to say that all of us are in exile in our world?

Answer: Yes, it is also said that we are in exile. But this exile can continue for thousands of years, from one life cycle to another life cycle, and it could continue for many years until you attain the upper world while you are in this world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/7/18

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