Why Communism Failed

laitman_259.02Baal HaSulam, The Writings of the Last Generation: This continued until the time of Karl Marx, when a very successful plan for the expansion of communism was devised, namely to incorporate the oppressed themselves in the war of communism, so that they would fight alongside them against the capitalistic bourgeois government. Since the oppressed are interested in this war only for their own good, meaning for egoistic reasons, they immediately accepted the plan, and thus communism spread out among all the levels of the backward and the oppressed.

Since the backward are the majority in society, it is no surprise that today communism has succeeded in encircling a third of the world. 

Communism was able to capture a third of the world. But who?—the oppressed, the primitive, those with underdeveloped social structures in which everything had extremely deteriorated.

At the time when Marx wrote about communism, Russia was ruled by feudalism. Communist ideas inspired those who had not yet embarked on the path of capitalistic development, and they began to actualize these ideas by force. In other words, communism found the Third World.

However, this coupling of altruistic communists with the egoistic proletariat, though it was successful in overthrowing the bourgeois government that was hated by both, that coupling still fails to ensure a cooperative government with fair division.

This was for a very simple reason: a person does not move a finger unless there is some purpose that necessitates that movement. That purpose serves as the motivating force to make that movement, like fuel that moves a machine.

In Russia, there was no capitalism and no real working class capable of rearing a new generation according to an altruistic program.

Lenin brought communist ideas from Geneva. These ideas may have been good for Europe, even though it too was unprepared and had no intention of implementing them. However, the leaders of the proletariat did not see man’s true nature and the goal toward which man must aim.

They were motivated by the desire of revolutionary transformation and seizing power. Also, even though they were idealists, they failed to understand that the working class, the intelligentsia, and the peasants were only ready to overthrow the ruling system, but nothing else.

Question: But Baal HaSulam writes that, at that time, a third of the world was ignited by the idea.

Answer: And to this day, the remaining hungry nations are ignited by it, thinking primarily only of themselves.

Question: Does that mean that an altruistic idea cannot be internalized in an egoistic world?

Answer: It can be internalized in a world with very great egoism, but one that has already gone through the development of egoism and sees its disadvantages, its destruction.

Time is not all that is necessary for this. A particular preparation is also needed because not just a passage from one form to another must exist, but also an individual’s inner awareness of the need for such a passage to the next level. For the first time in human history egoism is ending its rule.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation,” 11/13/17

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