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I must remember where the problems come from, but not follow them, in knowledge, i.e., sensation of trouble. I must go above them, drawing closer with the Creator who sends them to remove me from the ego, knowledge, world and cling me to Himself above the blows, to the intention.

Everything comes from a single system that, according to my ability, reveals problems to me, and I must correct my attitude toward them. Revealing the deficiencies is part of the correction, which amounts to correcting my attitude to the system, the Creator.

First, always imagine:
“Whom you’re receiving from,”
and then:
“What you’re receiving…”

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I feel like a baby in the Creator’s hands, under his absolute care and I rejoice at this like a baby in his mother’s arms. The states change: left right to right line, descent to ascent.
But I’m building from them a middle line—my attitude toward Him.

A whole world can be built from this one point—a world where the Creator and I exist together.

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The Creator exists in the world and governs everything, including me. But unlike others, He gave me the opportunity to know about it! I care about only this—the Creator’s attitude toward me.

Revelation of disorder evokes the thoughts: where is this coming from, who sent it and why?
I work on myself to turn the flaw into perfection, sadness into joy, Creator’s concealment into revelation. Under the Creator’s constant care, I cling to Him—always and in everything.
From Twitter, 5/27/18

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