To Reach The Creator

Laitman_117Baal HaSulam, The Writings of the Last Generation: It is human nature to fear anything outside the nature of creation. People are also afraid of anything uncommon, such as thunder and loud noises.

However, He is not so. This is because in fact, there is nothing more natural than coming into contact with one’s maker, for He has made nature.

In light of these words, everything becomes simple, understandable, and there is no possibility for speculation of any kind: not spiritual, physical, nor social.

Today, the whole world is confused because we do not know how it is correctly interconnected. Therefore, we twist and connect its various parts in various ways, and in the end, we get hit. And again, we start to twist them in a different way, to connect differently, thinking that it can be better, and again, we get hit with a blow.

And on the spiritual level, everything is very simple. We see that everything is connected in one system from Keter to Malchut—three lines and nothing else.

Question: How can we reach such simplicity?

Answer: We will reach complete simplicity only at the final correction. Then, we will plug into the single system of ten parts where there is what is called HaVaYaH, which from ten turns into the four-letter name of the Creator, the four stages.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 10/9/17

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