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7. Kabbalah’s method is built upon a balance of 2 forces: materialism (our feelings) and idealism (faith in something we can’t attain).

Just like when building a house, if the walls don’t have any empty spaces, we won’t be able to enter it. The entrance is in a place of deficiency.

6. Spiritual Kli:
Malchut has nothing, but everything is built for it,
– the first 9 Sefirot are full of light.
We must unite these two degrees.

We include both degrees:
– seeing a #life full of flaws,
– building ourselves up to feel a perfect world.

5. Seeing all the people #suffering, I must say that “there are eyes but they do not see,” meaning that I do not see the truth. I must consider myself perfect, existing in a world fully suffused by upper light.
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4. There are two layers of perception of #reality:
-man feels deficient since he has nothing of the spiritual world, which he desires.
-nevertheless, he must imagine that he is in the spiritual, infinite #world, governed by one upper force.
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3. Striving for faith above reason, we imagine an eternal and perfect #world in which we exist. Through these efforts we draw the light that reforms, and actually start to feel that the whole world is non-material!
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2. There are no problems in the material world—we simply live it.
But we build the spiritual #world above rational #perception—by way of faith above reason.
Faith is reflected from #knowledge, rises above it and is opposite to it.

1.Spiritual sensation is built above the material one. It has no words or characteristics, isn’t perceived by our senses and constantly disappears from them. My #world is my sensations.
Man must build and exist on 2 degrees since there can’t be one without the other.
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