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Man’s desires contain a need that’s absent in the animate world—an urge to adhere to the Creator. Only humankind is ready for this and its entire existence is evaluated only by this foundation, evoking the drive to bestow to the Creator (Baal HaSulam, “About Yehuda”).

The upper nature is a system connecting us into one whole.
But we see a broken world.
Just as we draw a picture and break it up into parts
For a child to put it together and understand,
That’s how we have to put ourselves, our broken world, together correctly,
Using hints from above.

There’s no #Jewish nation in disunity (exile from unity). It exists only when united. From the 1st degree of unity, 1/125 of the Creator’s unity, it’s already called a nation. Until then, Jews are preserved by the Creator and return to #Israel to fulfill their mission.

When we unite with each other in mutual bestowal, all of our individual egos unite and are transformed into a force of resistance, protection. All of the serpent’s venom turns into medicine. Everything depends only on how it is used.

#Shavuot is when we turn the #evil force into the good force. These two forces stand one against the other. The entire thickness of #egoistic armor is our evil inclination, above which we build a bestowing intention, bestowal for the sake of bestowal.
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#Shavuot is a spiritual state when we can attain the giving of the Torah by uniting with one other and the Creator, when we turn the force of each person’s egoism into thick armor. By uniting, we infuse it with the life force of light, turning it into armor against all #evil forces.

We must implement the giving of Torah to all humanity so it will feel its existence in the quality of love, goodness, interconnection, and everyone will be able to rise to the next degree of reality. This is the giving of #Torah – Upper Light, Upper Force

The Torah isn’t a book that you can read and understand, but it’s a matrix, a world you can enter and reveal the system of all reality,
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From Twitter 5/19/18

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