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Two conditions are necessary for the reception of the Torah:
– to clarify that the ego gives neither the chance nor the strength to escape its authority toward unity, revelation of the upper force, bestowal.
– we desperately want to achieve all this.
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We come to the reception of the #Torah when we genuinely need the desires to bestow, and desire nothing but this.
For this we’re ready to “wander the desert, cross the Final Sea, go through all the Egyptian plagues”—as long we acquire the desires to bestow in the end.

The #Torah brings us to the Giver of the Torah, and this is most important as it opens a new world to man.
There’s no other path to reveal the Creator than by uniting broken desires, clarifying the form of connection and adhesion with the Creator.
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The #Torah is the upper light that clothes in our desires, which are deliberately broken, since the light’s advantage stems from darkness. The light is revealed due to the desires’ correction, to the extent that we reveal it in the contrast of qualities.
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Man’s objective is to restore the connection between distant, broken parts, and recreate the construction made by the Creator.

Like a computer program, the #Torah organizes the development process so as to bring us to the goal. By agreeing with the great Programmer, we connect to and help with His work.

3. The #Torah is upper light, vested in our deliberately broken desires, since the advantage of the light is from the darkness. The light is revealed by correcting desires, to the extent we reveal it upon the contrast of qualities.
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2. Torah is like software arranging our #development to bring us to the goal. By agreeing with the Programmer, we become part of and assist Him in the work.
Man’s mission is to restore the connection between the remote, broken parts and recreate the structure made by the Creator.

1. The #Torah is a special program of existence, a force capable of connecting all parts of reality. All elements of creation connect by countless connections in one harmony, to express the Maker Himself by the force of the desire that was created by the Creator.

I envy the friends,
Proud to be among them!
It is my hope to be like them!
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