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If we succeed in awakening the system of our interconnections, we’ll start to understand and agree that we must be connected, included in the law of nature—mutual guarantee, full interconnection of all parts/souls. This is the law of a healthy organism.

Hence, we must try to awaken the system ourselves (Path of Light), instead of
waiting for it to awaken us “in due time” (Beito).

Life is connection between elements, entry and exit of energies, exchange of substances, and in the system of our interconnections—it’s exchange on the level of desires.
This is “Returning to the Light.” #kabbalah #meaning #spirituality #consciousness

One can’t rise to any spiritual degree without revealing savage desires inside and going through them the wrong way. Burning with shame, you gradually understand that it wasn’t you who did it—it was the Creator, and you thank Him for revealing the evil.

All Israeli holidays are milestones on the path of the Soul’s correction till the final correction. Hence, the holidays speak about the history of the nation of Israel, composed of breakages and corrections. Desire can’t be corrected without revealing its breakage.

The holiday of LagBaOmer symbolizes unity, unification. Essentially, all Israeli (Isra-El – straight to the Creator) holidays indicate greater unity (correction) or fragmentation (breakage) between us.

The truth has touched me—
I realized: if the Creator’s greatness
Is above all, inside me,
It will save me!
#Wednesday #kabbalah #poetry #wisdom

The way to check for correct progress is to shift the focus from yourself to the group. At the convention, turn on the aspiration to dissolve, as if you don’t exist, feel everyone except yourself, forget yourself! If we aspire to this, we have a chance to feel the upper force!

The force shaping and filling us is called Creator. It needs to be revealed. To this end, we must observe 2 rules:
-love others as yourself
-from the love for creatures to love for the Creator
Thus we unite the hearts/desires and become filled by the quality of bestowal and love.

We need to arrive at the convention with great hopes that for the first time in our lives, we can reveal the upper world in the connection between us. In its unity, the group of convention participants becomes a mother’s womb for me, in which I’ll begin to develop as an embryo!

Since the world’s correction lies in its proper unification of HaVaYaH, the convention—a world gathering of Kabbalists, people aspiring to attain the goal of creation—is a source of the power of unity, capable of drastically pushing members of Bnei Baruch to revelation of the Creator.

We need to prepare for unity, become included in everyone, rise above our ego, feel everyone instead of ourselves—and inside this, to feel the spiritual state, the Creator. Let’s try to make this effort during the convention!
#Congress #unity

After each step forward on the spiritual path,
I must close off the path back so I can’t run away
The door behind me closes and the one in front of me opens,
Like a floodgate, there’s no way back.
This is the path of gradual exit from egoism, the nature I’m completely immersed in!

The path of pain is when I can’t relate the pain to the group and the Creator inside it.
If I relate disturbances to unity and the Creator, it’s the path of correction.
I choose the path: to blame the Creator or thank Him for revealing evil, which I correct—even the threat of world war

Unpleasant sensations must leave their mark on us, lest no revelation takes place, just like any work or energy is only revealed through resistance. And our unity is built only on resistance, the shattering of the Soul that happened beforehand.

There’s one goal in spiritual work.
It’s attained by increasing the unity between us,
to see that everything comes from the Creator
for our unity.
We thus correct ALL problems,
which become revealed as GOOD,
to reveal the Creator inside the connection as
There’s none else besides Him!

Everything that happens, happens in order to give us a chance to correct our desires. All #worries, #fears, uncertainties, feelings of helplessness, disorder, personal #problems, whether in family or society—can be resolved only by coming closer to the Creator!

We must see the evil that’s revealed as an invitation to correct it and to come closer to each other, until in our connection we will reveal, more and more, the upper force, the Creator. This is how our broken desires manifest, as problems. By correcting them, we build the Soul.

Disturbances are the Creator’s actions, compelling us to connect to Him.

One should see himself as fighting an inner #war against himself.
Then nothing will confuse us, lead us off the straight path, away from the understanding that everything comes from the Creator, His desire to bring us closer to Him.

It seems to man that correction is hard and confusing, until he realizes that one need only recognize the defects and ask for their correction. There’s no need to think HOW they’ll be corrected, but only to picture the corrected state, desire it, and ask the Creator.
From Twitter 5/2/18

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