Continuing The Convention With An Ascent


How exactly is spiritual advancement expressed? It is in a greater attainment of the Creator, in the unity of friends, in the comprehension of the teachings of Kabbalah, in the growth of our strength, or conversely, in the realization of our own helplessness and dependence? If we examine it closer, then it becomes clear that our entire advancement depends solely on experiencing the greatness of the Creator.

The degree to which we attain this greatness, or even better, increase it with faith above reason, will determine our whole advancement along the spiritual path, our readiness to direct all our efforts, thoughts, and desires, each one individually and everyone together, toward bringing contentment to the Creator.

It does not matter what advancement or understanding was received, how much effort was exerted, or what obstacles needed to be overcome. Our calculations must only be carried out in terms of how to bring contentment to the Creator. There is no greatness of me as an individual, or of a friend, or a teacher—there is only the greatness of the Creator, which needs to be widened, enlarged, and experienced to the degree to which it is more important than my own well-being. That is what is meant by continuing the convention with an ascent.

The recent convention in America was very successful because a tremendous importance of the Creator was revealed in it; it governed all our efforts, thoughts, and desires. This is the height of the convention.

Everything is measured by raising the importance of the Creator between us, thanks to whom we distance ourselves from personal gain and move toward the group’s benefit, to the extent in which we value it as a means of bestowal to the Creator.

That is why, to continue the convention with an ascent is to constantly check: have we reached a greater level of importance of the Creator without seeking personal benefit in it, but only from the desire to bring Him contentment.

To continue advancing, we don’t need to wait for the next convention, but between the conventions we need to try to build the greatness of the Creator between us, without reverting to asking for ourselves.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/10/18, Lesson on the Topic: “Continuing the Congress with an Ascent”
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