Eternal Love

laitman_232.08.jpgQuestion: Does a Kabbalist have the pleasure of eternal love? Does he feel this sensation?

Answer: Eternal love is true love, when you generate all the negative and positive forces of creation within yourself, gather all the characteristics that exist in all the worlds, and unite the entire creation.

You unite the negative and positive poles of everything in the universe and include everything within yourself, and it begins to work like a perpetual motion machine within you.

This is eternal love; it constantly renews and is endless in its manifestations of love.

Question: Why isn’t this called egoistic love?

Answer: It’s because this love manifests above your individual egoism with respect to all the others that appear to you as opposing negative characteristics, and you restore a positive balance. It turns out that both the minus and plus work simultaneously.

This is a a kind of technical model: a minus cannot exist without a plus and a plus cannot exist without a minus. They exist together, yet in regard to us, only one of them is revealed. When we connect three lines together within us: plus, minus, and the balance between them, i.e., the middle line, it begins to work in us and we feel all of creation.

Question: Is the Creator the force that is discovered between the plus and minus or is He the force that helps me reach this state?

Answer: The Creator is the middle line that is discovered between us, and this is love. Only by ascending above the correct balance of plus and minus, do you reveal the Creator, which is called love. The Creator and love are the same thing.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/13/17

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