The Difference Between Kabbalah And Psychology

laitman_547.05Remark: There are many psychologists taking our Kabbalah courses. One of the lectures is even dedicated to explaining the difference between Kabbalah and psychology because it is not readily apparent.

My Comment: Psychology deals with a person’s behavior—with an egoistic being of our world. It studies the ways he reacts to things that happen to him.

Kabbalah deals with revealing who influences a person, what happens to him and what under influence, how he should prepare for his reaction, and so on. That is, this is a completely different level.

A Kabbalist and a psychologist have not only different goals, but also different audiences. One deals with ordinary people in our world and the other with people who study Kabbalah.

Question: Do you think that one who is attracted to common earthly psychology will not be drawn to Kabbalah?

Answer: Let him study psychology and not confuse it with Kabbalah. It will only harm him.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/3/17

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