Kabbalah And Corporeal Psychology

laitman_202.0Question: Does a Kabbalist understand people better than everyone else?

Answer: No. A Kabbalist is not a psychologist. He does not look at people’s personalities, it does not interest him.

Conventional psychology is the psychology of our animal egoism. It is unanimously not considered a science because a person’s inner egoistic world cannot be known. We can deduce some patterns through purely experimental means, but nothing more.

Baal HaSulam appreciated psychology because it allows a person to break away from idealistic, religious psychology, which assures us that after death we can attain the future world.

In principle, this must be understood. When a person’s body dies, his egoism does not disappear, it simply loses a certain thickness of its egoistic desire. The desire remains, but not in an absolutely egoistic, earthly form.

Corporeal psychology gives a person a sound foundation with which one can correctly and maturely view the world. After all, the most important approach in Kabbalah is that a person has no more than what his eyes can see, and this is how he should relate to everything. Therefore, Kabbalah is a precise, mature, and sober science, without any philosophizing and psychologies.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/3/17

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