Choosing Good

laitman_933Question: What is the meaning of the command: “And choose good” (Isaiah 7:15)? What is “good,” how does one choose it, and what is “bad?”

Answer: Good is what I do above my egoism. This means I must receive Light from above to rise above my ego and carry out an action that is directed against it.

Without receiving the reforming Light, I cannot rise above the ego and perform good deeds. I need contact with the Light. To do this I must unite with friends in a group to ask for the upper Light through the center of the group and receive it. Only then can I act.

I invest efforts to be in the group, and according to the degree of effort, I get the opportunity to bestow.

Without revealing the Creator, the Light, a person cannot perform a good deed because the Light is the property of bestowal, and it is given to a person even before he begins to discover the Creator.

Revealing the Creator means attaining the system, the ten Sefirot, which are understandable to a person, and in them HaVaYaH (the four-letter name of the Creator) is revealed.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/12/17

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