Time To Awaken The Deficiency And Shorten Time

Dr. Michael Laitman

Opening the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/24/18

In relation to the topic, “from disturbances to ascent,” the word “disturbances” is imprecise, because if we say that “there is none else besides Him,” that there is only one force, not two or three, but only one force acting in reality, then everything comes from the Creator, and He is good and benevolent.

Therefore, negative and positive influences from one extreme to the other stem from a single force, the “good that does good.” Only in the person does that influence split into two, where he feels good in some of those influences, and bad in others. This just points out the lack of a person’s correction, that he has no equivalence with the Creator, where he needs to feel everything emanating from the Creator as good, and the Creator as benevolent. If one doesn’t feel, at every moment, as being in an ocean of the good that does good, at least as an embryo in its mother’s womb, on all sides, in all discernments, where only good, mercy and love encase him, it’s a sign that he has a problem with his vessels’ correction.

Anyone could say, “Yes, I have a problem with the correction of the vessels, but what can I do about it? I don’t feel its lack. I cannot correct what I don’t lack.”

Therefore, here we need to attain the deficiency for correction. However, at least, we start by determining that we, who are in an ocean of good, benevolence, Light, bestowal and love, don’t feel it, which points out our lack of correction.

Now, how can I wake up? How can I not remain as I was before this calculation? Also, now, after this calculation, I feel a little bad and a little good, but it doesn’t concern, shake or force me to now act and exert. There is no deficiency. Intellectually, I could be saying all the right things, but it’s not enough. Emotion—deficiency—needs to shake me from my stance.

Deficiency can come from above. That is considered as being the path of suffering. Deficiency can come from a person who enters into proper connection with the environment, and through envy, lust and honor, he obligates himself to exit this world and enter the spiritual world.

If he doesn’t do that through the ploys great Kabbalists write about, then he doesn’t progress on the path of Achishena (“I will hasten it”). He is gradually brought closer on the path of Beito (“in due time”), but it is gradual, i.e., it is time dependent, and also dependent on a person’s attitude to the whole general system.

Therefore, everything depends on our attitude to the situation: Can we, even in a state where we feel nothing—where nothing moves me, nothing matters to me, and where I simply don’t care, most of the time when I’m detached from spirituality, where I seemingly know what’s going on and I’m ready to just keep going with the flow—how can we muster all the means at our disposal in order for us to, in the group, somehow create an alarm system that will wake us up, that will impact us. Even if we all fall asleep, in any case, let there be something that pushes and pulls us to the purpose of creation.

That is considered as accelerating time. It is called “Israel sanctifying the times.” Whoever is “Yashar Kel” (“straight to God”) really shortens time, and everything depends on shortening time, because certainly Gmar Tikkun (the end of correction) is alive, even now, but do we reach it or not, now or in who knows how many events, incarnations or years?

The main thing is that our work is not through great ascents and great descents, but on indifference—it’s a war on indifference. That desert consumes us.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson on January 24, 2018.

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