Why Does Nature Punish Us? Part 2

laitman_765.1Question: What is so special about today’s ecological situation? What is the difference between an earthquake or volcanic eruption that occurs today and the ones that happened a thousand or two hundred years ago?

Answer: The reason for these natural cataclysms is different. A thousand years ago, the cause of an earthquake was in the natural process of evolution that sought to advance us and for all of nature to balance.

The cause came from the force of nature itself, and now the cause is in our own negligence. Instead of bringing all parts of nature to connection, a person causes universal separation.

Until now, nature itself exerted pressure on us in order to develop all its degrees—inanimate, vegetative, animate and human—to a certain level. Presently, we have already reached this predetermined level of development and entered the stage of so-called “integral humanity.”

The world turns into a small village where everyone is connected with each other, and now we ourselves are responsible for maintaining the balance in nature. It turns out that each problem caused by a lack of balance points to our incorrect behavior.

If previously hurricanes and earthquakes forced us to advance in developing technology and economy, today, they simply humble us. It is not enough to react to the blows of nature by the development of technology; today, social changes, and the correction of social connections are already necessary. If we do not react correctly, then we aggravate the situation.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/10/17

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