My Thoughts On Twitter, 10/31/17


The Soul (Shechinah) is built by correcting our attitude toward the world—a reflection of my uncorrected state. Correct it inside yourself

We exist in the unchanging World of Infinity. All the changes occur only within us, in the development of our sensations and consciousness.

Physics: Qnty of matter = qnty of antimatter, but then why no annihilation? Kabbalah: They’re separated by TA, Screen, OM, 10 Sefirot of soul

Looking at the differences in ppl, don’t forget that the #world is built only on the basis of opposites & their total, mutual utilization.

“1000 come to Kabbalah, but only 1 reaches the Light.” 999 leave upon discovering that they must rise above the mountain of their #ego.

From Twitter, 10/31/17

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