Thirteen Corrections of Dikna

laitman_256Question: What are the “thirteen corrections of Dikna”?

Answer: This is the Light that descends from the head of the soul into its body through thirteen channels. Anyone below who wants to receive this Light must make these corrections in order to connect to these channels as if to pipes that pour on him the upper Light of correction and fulfillment.

The streams pour down along both sides of the head of the soul to the body. That’s why religious Jews leave peyos (sidelocks) that they curl and maintain in a particular way. The Light descends from the upper part, which we do not attain. We attain only that which descends from it, and therefore, these two streams are called Peyos (peot or edge).

Further, the Light pours onto the chin along the sideburns and mustache. Under the nose, there is a particular point that is relatively free of hair. The beard is divided into upper and lower parts. The upper part goes to the chest, and the lower part to the navel. All of this is very clearly described in the original sources.

Naturally, our body is created in complete accordance with the flows of the streams of upper rays. But, we do not talk about the physical body in describing the upper Partzuf. I only mention this so that the students can remember a little material or somehow orient themselves.

If I speak about a correction such as the mustache or parts of the beard, I do not mean a part of a person’s face, but a quality. In other words, it is a particular spiritual force with a particular quality that is interacting with the upper Light. The Light is absolute, infinite, and amorphous. And this force separates from this infinite simple Light its specific content.

Question: Since we are talking about secretions, what are tears?

Answer: Tears are an overflow of Light that cannot be dressed in the Light of mercy (the Light of Hassadim). Therefore, it seems to be pouring over the edge.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/23/17

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