The World At The Crossroads, Part 4

Laitman_157Today the world is returning to the dark times of fascism, which will bring great suffering not only to the Jews, but to absolutely everyone. On one hand, unification based on egoism, called Nazism, unites nations and states, but each within itself.

It cannot last long and ultimately collapses because it connects people only in the common hatred of someone else and does not build an internal unity. It is like the mafia, which is strong by its unity, because it allows it to beat everyone else. But this unity is based only on hatred, not love. This is precisely how the path of light differs from the path of suffering: unity is based on love.

Therefore, Nazism cannot last long and eventually ends in crisis. However, today it is developing in Europe and the USA. And then they will be followed by Latin America: Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, as well as Canada, which also came very close to it.

Question: What is the difference between Nazism in the United States and what happened in Europe?

Answer: The US will continue Nazism, which was in Europe, in a more developed, aggressive, and cohesive form. America has the forces and foundations necessary for it. Nature has long been preparing this bomb, which will certainly explode.

Many white Americans feel discriminated against since the 1950s, when the talk about equality between all races and communities in America began. They will serve as gunpowder for a big explosion.

Baal HaSulam gives a very precise definition of our egoism in the article, “Peace In The World”: “All the creations of the world are similar in that everyone seeks to use all others for their own benefit, applying all the means at his disposal and completely not considering that they are building their own well-being on neighbor’s property destruction.”

Therefore, when egoism grows to a certain level, we need to take care of its correction. Either it will lead us to collapse, or we will bring it to correction, one of two. Before Abraham’s time, egoism developed latently, “in a latent period.” But at some point the disease suddenly spreads, and we need to neutralize it very quickly. This is what occurred in the time of Abraham.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/21/17, Lesson on the Topic: “Europe at a Crossroad”

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