My Thoughts On Twitter, 10/6/17


A child plays to develop & grow. In #spiritual development, the game’s equivalent is the gradual advancement toward truth from its opposite

#Catalonia Unity is when two free nations unite as equals.

Our organism is the model of right connections in nature: a cell is egoistic, but unites with others above its ego for the body’s benefit.

We’re entering the age of #cyberspace, where #wars are waged with drones and computers. Ahead are wars of thoughts of good and evil!

The Torah isn’t a book on a shelf, but a special method of using Nature’s general force. Using it correctly turns the world’s evil to good.

#Sukkot #Israeli #Jews Unity among all is a powerful weapon. With this tool, we can govern our entire life.

If ppl don’t unite, nature creates disasters that unify & alter world’s perception–but this is the path of suffering! #Catalonia #LasVegas

If we combine all 4 forms of the ego (4 symbols #Sukkot) and direct them toward unity, we will eliminate the ego that divides us.

Governments must start educating 90% of society, i.e. work towards “manufacturing” humanity and building a new society. #Catalonia

Our #future: learn the system of connections of nature’s parts, and realize what it compels us to do: create the same connection btwn us.

Today’s world is global, and if ppl don’t want to be interconnected, wars and terrorism will reveal the necessity of interconnection.

The crisis keeps growing & spreading. We can prevent it by doing all the discernments in the mind before it manifests in the material world.

#LasVegas. The external world is an imprint of our inner state. We’re looking at inner catastrophes which only seem external…

Tragedy in #LasVegas confirms once more: #education of society towards unity is society & government’s top priority. #Congress

Tragedy in #LasVegas. Only educating society will create an atmosphere of interconnection, making other such tragedies impossible.

From Twitter, 10/6/17

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