My Thoughts On Twitter, 10/30/17


#Physics: Qnty of matter =qnty of antimatter, but then why no annihilation? Kabbalah: it is written, Creator has created this opposite that.

Creator, force of good, created the force of #evil for us to reveal Him in the union–not opposition–of these two forces. We never learn!

Physics: Qnty of matter = qnty of antimatter, but then why no annihilation? Kabbalah: To bring the + & – forces to fulfillment of the #soul.

The #ego (Pharaoh) grows so big that its rule goes from pleasant to unbearable, thus pushing us to look for a way out.

Stop! Start loving disturbances you see in the world. Then you’ll see that it’s not the world being negative to you, but you to the world.

Difference btwn me and the environment is the difference btwn rungs of the spiritual ladder. Rise to the environment, take another rung up!

World is ready to give abundance, but we manage to turn it into #suffering. Kabbalah shows how to add attainment of eternity to abundance.

What’s Next When US Is Divided Like Vietnam War Days? #Newsmax

From Twitter, 10/30/17

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