A Kabbalist’s Inner States

laitman_588.03Question: How does a Kabbalist analyze his inner states with the Creator? How does the environment of our world affect this?

Answer: It does not affect it in any way. When I come to the lesson in the morning, can you tell in what condition I am with the Creator? What I had with him before, any talk or relationship? This is a different level, a different world.

Therefore, what I feel and what I give to my students are two different steps, and one does not affect the other.

It happens sometimes that it is very difficult to teach a lesson because everything has been “taken” from you. But it is taken on your own level, and when you switch to the students and use their desires while you are at their level, then you are practically being realized in accordance to them, and they do not feel it.

In this respect, I win and it’s easier for me. I hide myself, and students cannot tell what spiritual state I am in. It is impossible.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/29/17

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