How To See The Truth?

Laitman_507.03Torah, Deuteronomy 28:34: You will go insane from the vision before your eyes that you will behold.

This means that you will completely lose the reason of bestowal and love that was leading you forward and you will turn into a common animal that has no reason in comparison to a human.

The people of Israel are exactly in such a state now, but they do not realize this yet, and this is the problem! We have fallen so deep into darkness, indifference, discord, and mutual alienation that we already do not feel where we are.

Moreover, being on the lowest levels, we begin evaluating falsely those qualities we are in: these qualities are good, those are bad, these are worse, and those are better. In reality, we are in a terrible state—in absolute egoism and in absolute separation!

Question: Why don’t we feel that we have been robbed and that our house is empty?

Answer: Where is that Light, that level in relation to which we can evaluate this? We have nothing to compare our feelings with.

Question: Does it mean that if we could see with what it is possible to compare this, we would understand that we are at such a level?

Answer: Of course. Imagine that you live in an abandoned village in a poor family, like a caste of lepers in India. And suddenly you are told that you are the son of a rich maharaja. However, all that is left to you is just to watch from the side how someone else takes your place, how he lives perfectly and you are constantly beaten and humiliated. This is a terrible condition!

Therefore, if there is an opportunity to correct this, it must be shown, and if there isn’t one, then not. Unfortunately, we do not have such an opportunity yet.

The Creator did so that only to the extent that we want our abilities to coincide with our desires and vice versa, we would see the truth.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/12/16

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