Facing An Absolute Law Of Nature

624.02Question: Should receiving material benefits and pleasure also be done with the intention to please the Creator or does that only apply to spiritual matters?

Answer: In principle, all that happens to us in our lives, in each second and with each sensations, should preferably be completely connected to the Creator.

Question: Then how is it possible to justify the actions of the Creator?

Answer: He doesn’t need to be justified! I simply need to understand that I am facing an absolute law of nature. If I follow it as much as I can, then I receive a satisfying existence and I call it a reward, even though nobody rewards me. I alone create this experience. However, if I do not adhere to the conditions in which I exist, I alone create punishment for myself. Nobody else punishes me.

Question: Then where did humanity get this kind of attitude toward the Creator?

Answer: People invented all of this because they want to see the Creator as a king, as some kind of a divine image.

Question: But doesn’t that also come from the Creator? Doesn’t it mean that this is also necessary for our development?

Answer: It is necessary for our development until such time as we begin to understand that none of this works. Look at what’s happening in the world today, what kind of upsurge in religion! This is already the last flare up, it is already fading, as when a fire flares up before it goes out.

Question: Does that mean there’s nobody to pray to? There is a law and we must simply follow it?

Answer: When you pray, you pray to yourself. This probably helps you. But when you pray to the Creator, then you must think about what you are asking for and who you are asking.

Prayer is called the manifestation of desire. If you decide that you need to realize your desire, then it means that you need to organize your prayer. If you need to aim your desire toward a particular goal, it means that you need to pray about a particular condition. Otherwise there is no reason for you to pray. In order to express your desire, you need to collect your thoughts, formulate and organize your desire, and then you will be able to work with it. Then the upper Light will be able to affect it in a concentrated way.
From the Lesson in Russian, 5/21/2017

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