Don’t Change Life But The Attitude To It

Laitman_715Question: How does a person’s daily life reflect the fact that a person gets to know the program of creation and becomes a partner of the upper force?

Answer: Such a person begins to live in two dimensions simultaneously, his body lives in our world and his mind is in the upper world. He raises his head above the clouds and can see the entire world from one end to the other.

He sees the entire process that the creation goes through and the end of this process when we comprehend there is one force acting in nature called the Creator.

Question: How does this affect his everyday life?

Answer: This affects all his decisions, his attitude toward other people, and moreover, he feels himself the happiest and belonging to eternal nature. He does not have a feeling that his life will end soon because he exists above life and death.

Question: And how does he relate to different events in his life?

Answer: He himself defines these events and therefore perceives them as good. If for the time being not everything is revealed to him, then he learns from this. However, in principle the goal is to make everything clear to him from the beginning to the end so that there will be nothing to add. Such a state is called adhesion with the upper force.

Question: How should a person relate to the events if he has not yet reached complete agreement with them?

Answer: He must try every time to rise above his states and agree with them in order to turn these events for the benefit of his progress and for the common benefit.

Question: Can he feel guilty?

Answer: If a person in his desire to enjoy does not perceive all events as good ones, this indicates that his desire is not corrected yet. Through this he should understand what he is lacking in order to agree with the upper force and enjoy its governance.

If he is on the correct path, he will feel himself in the world of absolute goodness without any contradiction between him and the upper force and in complete adhesion.

Question: So, how do I, at every moment in my life, need to relate correctly to everything that is happening?

Answer: We must not try to change our lives, but our attitude toward life. After all, this is how we establish connection with the upper force, understanding that only it controls life and reveals its absolute kindness. In this case, we reach adhesion with the Creator, which is the ultimate goal of our development. Then we will see what happens next.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/25/17

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