“And The Lord Will Bring You Back To Egypt In Ships”

Laitman_161Torah, Deuteronomy 28:68: And the Lord will bring you back to Egypt in ships, through the way about which I had said to you, You will never see it again. And there, you will seek to be sold to your enemies for slaves and handmaids, but there will be no buyer.

None of the nations will want you to live within their borders. The fact is that the desires that are subject to correction, in which the point in the heart arises, cannot exist inside egoistic desires.

They will be pushed out by the law of equivalence of form, and therefore the Jews will be completely isolated from others. And where will they be? Speaking from the geographical point of view, it is simply not clear where and how they will live because the only place for them is the land of Israel.

On the other hand, in order to choose the path of correction, a person must have freewill. This is a problem. I personally hope that there will be another round such as the one in the days of Tsarist Russia when the first Jewish societies that returned to Palestine were born.

Comment: But then the Jews were running away from pogroms.

My Response: Perhaps such circumstances will arise once again when they will be forced to leave the countries of exile. But this time there will be a basis prepared for them, a reason to return here. We are preparing this basis.

Question: It is written: “And the Lord will bring you back to Egypt in ships.” What does this mean?

Answer: To return to Egypt means to return to your egoism. If you are running away to some place, it is considered that you are running away by sea. There is no other way out of Israel, only by sea. All of this is explained in the Torah.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/28/16

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