Divorce Is The Very Last Thing

laitman_543_02Torah, Deuteronomy 22:28 – 22:29: If a man finds a virgin girl who was not betrothed, and seizes her and lies with her, and they are found the man who lay with her shall give fifty [shekels of] silver to the girl’s father, and she shall become his wife, because he violated her. He shall not send her away all the days of his life.

“A virgin girl who was not betrothed” is a desire with which a man can work. What happened between them obliges him to use this desire in the right sense. It did not belong to anyone, he took it, and began to use it with his intention. So, this desire fits his intention.

But, he began to work with it not by mutual consent, i.e., without preparation. After all, in order to implement the correct linking of desire with intention, he must discover a way to approach all his desires. They need to be properly processed, analyzed, attributed to certain qualities, and how to work with them to bestow established.

There are such desires that can be used correctly by preparing the screen in advance (this means “to get engaged”). And there are some that cannot be completely counteracted. And there are desires, to which you can approach exactly as above.

In any case, there is a system of correction. Was this maiden (desire) engaged or not engaged, i.e., was not yet ready to communicate with me or with others and whether this egoistic desire was already ready for use with the intention of giving or not, all this must be clarified in order to work with it. Only this is allegorically written in the Torah.

“The man who lay with her shall give fifty [shekels of] silver to the girl’s father,” i.e., he must pay, and this is a correction. Whether he pays before or after what happened, he must correct this desire so that it fits under his screen for use to bestow.

“He shall not send her away all the days of his life” means that he paid, and she is his. He is obliged to accompany this desire until a complete correction, which is why he cannot divorce.

Divorce is a very difficult procedure—when you have to make sure that you are no longer able to work with this desire. But if you have already taken this desire, then you must try to make it to the end. Divorce is the very last thing.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 10/10/16

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