At The Entrance To The Last Generation

laitman_941Life’s direction is to attain adhesion with Him, strictly to benefit the Creator (Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Writings of the Last Generation”).

Question: Can we, the ones who started this movement be called “the last generation?”

Answer: To act for the benefit of the connections between us means to act for the benefit of the Creator.

The last generation is just beginning its correction and it wants to change its nature. We started the movement, but practically, we are at the entrance to this state.

Question: Don’t you see our generation that lives on Earth in the frame of time? Do you see this in a more general perspective?

Answer: I don’t take into account either the Earth or humanity, but only those people who at least somehow aspire to change their nature. Nothing more than that.

The last generation starts from the small group of people who understand the goal correctly and want to change themselves.

As for our group, we already can almost be called the last generation. We must undergo some more pretty serious tests under the influence of various external and internal stresses in order to get rid of the remnants of egoism (I call them remnants, but they are very big) and firmly decide what exactly this metamorphosis is that we have to undergo.

Question: What is the difference between the group that has one foot in the last generation and the group that will already be at the final stage of the last generation?

Answer: The nature of the people at the last stage of the last generation will be completely different from our nature. They will no longer be people, but “angels” who are guided and act only according to the desire to bestow, to delight, to be connected with others for the benefit of others, and through them to the Creator. This is a completely different state!

Therefore, we are at the very beginning and must decide whether we will change ourselves to become the last generation.
From the KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 5/22/17

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