The Battle For Independence From Egoism

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe need to understand what independence means for Israel because it is radically different from what independence is considered to be on other levels: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and even among other nations of the world.

Ultimately, all of humanity must reach independence in the understanding of Israel because this group is carrying out the program of correction for the entire world, as if in the preliminary stage, as if in a laboratory.

Therefore, achieving independence for this group should be viewed as the future state of independence for the entire world. And today it is especially felt how much the world needs this. In order to understand what independence means, first we need to experience what it means to be a slave of our own desire for pleasure.

Little by little, people are becoming aware that our egoistic nature holds us in bondage and mercilessly uses us, preventing us from living or dying.

As pitiful battered creatures, we spend our entire lives simply trying to avoid suffering. Small joys are considered a happy life. That is why we need to understand that independence is primarily independence from our nature, our egoism.

This type of independence has levels. Instead of being under the control of egoism, we need to get under the control of a new power because it is impossible to be without any animating force with which we can control our lives. But we must choose this force ourselves, preferring it over all other possibilities.

So independence has a very broad and exalted meaning, including within itself all of reality. After all, independence is inherent only to the Creator, and if we really want to achieve independence, then we need to rise to His condition, His level, His nature.

This kind of independence is not simple to reach. After all, for this we need to not only cross over into the nature of bestowal, but also build it above our own egoistic nature.

That’s why, if we want to receive our independence, we must be ready for a ceaseless battle with our egoism until the very end of correction. We can only establish our independence in opposition to egoism because one stands opposite the other: independence against slavery.

No matter what state a person experiences, it must be felt as if one is exiting Egypt or standing before the exit. We need to approach this very seriously because if we want to grow spiritually, there will be serious battles ahead of us against the forces of separation, as our egoism is revealed.

These forces will constantly rise and wedge between us in various ways, attempting to create conflict between us. And over all these phenomena, we will need to unite.

Primarily, we need to understand that the only thing preventing our independence is slavery. This is why without first entering Egypt, it is impossible to attain freedom. This dilemma stands before the nation of Israel who will need to demonstrate to all humanity the example of attaining independence, unity, and correction. And after it, all nations will achieve the same.

Therefore, we are not celebrating Independence Day yet, but rather the opportunity to attain it!
From the Lesson: “Independence Day,” 4/25/17

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