What is The Connection Between the Wisdom Of Kabbalah And The Torah?

Laitman_137Question from Facebook: What is the connection between the wisdom of Kabbalah and the Torah? After all, Kabbalah is a science about the universe, its origin, general structure, its movement as a whole, and every detail in particular. How can such a grandiose teaching be based on religious stories and parables?

Answer: Indeed, there is no connection between Kabbalah and the ordinary worldly interpretation of the Torah. After all, in truth, Kabbalah is the hidden, secret part of the Torah because a person cannot reveal it through his own qualities.

But when it reveals itself, a person sees that the Torah changes his senses and leads him to the perception of the upper world—the system of governing our world in order to change a human and through him to change our world, and not just to perform some kind of material actions. This is what the Torah speaks about.

The Torah is divided into the internal part (Kabbalah) and the external part, which talks about the fulfillment of some accepted conventions and actions, which is called “practical Judaism.”
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/27/17

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