Blessings For Great Victory Day!

laitman_539Dear Friends,

The great holiday of May 9 is a special date for us. This is the day of the great victory over the most evil forces in the history of humanity. The same forces that wanted to enslave the world tried to accommodate their religion to the policies that were introduced by them. A terrible darkness enveloped Europe and didn’t let any one of the peoples live.

We must not forget it. We must celebrate the day of victory every year. It is not important if it is celebrated in different nations at different times as the date of freedom for every nation from slavery. May 9 is a big holiday for us. We hope that we understand what the evil forces celebrate in our world, how the people of Israel exactly can limit and isolate them from humanity and make a happy, secure, and safe future. This depends only on us. So for us May 9 is not just the day of the end of a great and terrible war, but also a reminder that it is up to us to prevent future wars. And this is in our power, the wisdom of Kabbalah makes this possible for us. It is only up to us to learn the method and to realize it in life.

I wish for all of you a good mood, success and happiness! Together with this, don’t forget that today we are facing the same problems that also existed many years ago and it is up to us to solve them quickly. All this begins from tomorrow but for today, I bless everyone on the great May 9 holiday!

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