Is It Worth Searching For Extraterrestrial Civilizations?

laitman_739Question: From the point of view of the wisdom of Kabbalah, does it make sense to search for extraterrestrial civilizations?

Answer: When we talk about something that exists, we mean that it exists relative to a person’s attainment and what he expects.

Everything that he sees is happening within him. So if we assume that there is a planet Mars, it means that it is within a person as the expression of some desire that he has. Does life exist on Mars? What does life mean? What are the properties of protein?

From the aspect of the perception of reality, there is no life anywhere. Everything that a person investigates, he investigates within himself. All of the laws, everything that I see and feel, it is all inside of me.

Question: If a person was born in 1940, before I was born, how can he be a part of me?

Answer: Everything is comprehended relative to the person who is the observer. So history, as it seems to us, having gone on for thousands and even millions of years, its counts, inscriptions, chain, axes of time, and actions, everything is in each one of us.

Question: Does that mean there is no history and there were no dinosaurs?

Answer: There was nothing. Everything is within me. That is the way my desires, which remain in me as special memories, are integrated within me. After all, it is not matter, it is only a Reshimo (a record of information).
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/25/16

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