In A Tightly Connected System

laitman_553Question: Does a soul, which leaves our world, decide for itself when it must be reincarnated in a body, or does the Creator decide this?

Answer: Since we are all connected, in this respect we have no freewill. Each one of us is a part of an immense general closed system; therefore, our movements are strictly limited and stipulated without exception. We can only change them from plus to minus, from minus to plus, like in a binary system in a computer, nothing more.

We are initially included in a single system and are completely interdependent, as small gears in a single system. Therefore, the soul of one person cannot manifest itself in different states, it is connected to all other souls.

From the beginning of the system to its end, everything is predetermined: when we are born, when we die, how we are positioned with others. The only thing that we can do is to guide the system more rapidly toward complete correction in a good way, through ourselves and through others.

Question: Does that mean that the Creator makes decisions based on circumstances?

Answer: The Creator doesn’t make any decisions at all. We are in a given system of rigid laws of the upper world from the start. It exists and functions within itself, so it doesn’t require any unique higher power.

We raise a desire (MAN) and receive a response (MAD) from the system accordingly. This means that we exist in relation to an ideal system and everything depends on the signals that we send to it. In the same manner that we influence it, we receive a response.

This general system is called the Creator. It doesn’t make any decisions because it is absolute. Making decisions is something that happens with people. We activate the system when we introduce ourselves into the system as a constituent unit, and we receive a response from it according to the manner in which we connect with it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/1/17

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