What The Official Definition Of Anti-Semitism Will Improve

Laitman_417In the News (BBC): “British Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday will deliver a speech in support of the official definition of anti-Semitism, which, in its view, makes it easier to prosecute the perpetrators of crimes motivated by hatred of Jews.

“A clear definition of what should be considered anti-Semitism will help the police, municipalities, universities and other organizations, according to the government.

“International Alliance Memory of the Holocaust (IHRA) hopes that this official definition, agreed only in this year, it will be taken at the international level.

“In this formulation, anti-Semitism is called ‘a certain attitude toward the Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews’.

“Further, the text states that ‘Rhetorical and physical manifestations of anti-Semitism directed against the Jews or non-Jews, and (or) their property against the Jewish community institutions and religious buildings.’”

My Comment: It could be that an accepted official definition for anti-Semitism will make it possible to denounce people more concretely for relevant activities or statements, but it will not “cure” them of anti-Semitism!

The origin of anti-Semitism is in the appearance of the “point in the heart” in Jews, which is the budding of the altruistic characteristic that appeared in them at the time of Abraham until the destruction of the Second Temple, meaning for the 1,500 years in which the Jews existed within the framework of the principle, “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18) or fought for the sake of realizing this principle. The destruction of the Temple was the moment the Jews fell from the level of altruism.

Human nature is opposed to the principle of altruism, so when they feel that it exists in a particular group, they hate that group of people subconsciously. In the Torah it is said that this hatred was born in humanity when the Torah was received. It is a method for correcting human nature from egoistic (all deeds intended for oneself) to altruistic (all deeds intended for the sake of others).

Human nature will certainly not change due to the adoption of an official definition for the term “anti-Semitism.” The (special) natural negative attitude of anti-Semites toward Jews will not disappear. In the Introduction to The Book of Zohar it is said that hatred toward the Jews will exist in all generations, until the period when all the nations of the world will begin to change their egoistic nature to an altruistic nature. The crisis in development that is beginning to be revealed in our times will force them to this more and more.

So the wisdom of Kabbalah, the method for changing human nature, is being revealed in our time. The Jews are required to be the first to learn the method. Their role will then be to reveal it to the entire world. In that way, mutual relationships in the world will begin to improve. Without accepting this method from the Jews, the world will achieve this change as a result of world wars.

From the introduction to The Book of Zohar, it is absolutely clear that the appearance of anti-Semitism among the nations of the world is a natural phenomenon, a law, whereas the uprooting of anti-Semitism from the nations of the world is possible only if the Jews will adapt themselves to the correction of their nature and give an example to all the nations of the world this way, becoming a “Light for the nations” (Isaiah 49:6).

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