New Life #811 – The Right Attitude To Parenting

New Life #811 – The Right Attitude To Parenting
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe


“Teach a boy according to his way.”

We should not force a small child to share something with others because it is against his nature. Until the age of two children actually don’t understand that they should be considerate of other people around them. We can give a child examples of how we are considerate of others, but not expect him to behave that way.

We should combine the middle line and the measure of judgment, which means our expectations of the child and the measure of mercy, which is our love for him. When we don’t give a child something, he screams. We have to show him that it doesn’t affect us because the reason for our behavior is above us, as a law.

We have to act according to the approach of “teach a boy according to his way,”because one kid is slow and another is quick etc. Instead of requirements we should give more examples. “Teach a boy according to his way” means letting a child choose what he wants to be in life according to his inclinations.

We shouldn’t try to develop a child’s confidence by challenging him and forcefully putting him in stressful situations. The feeling of confidence is built by a balanced attitude to life, when a child decides what he can or what he cannot do by himself.

The most important thing is to let a child develop the right relationships with others. This is the precondition for success in everything in life. When a child succeeds you should compliment him on having thought and planned his actions in advance, which has led to his success.

You shouldn’t call a child a prince or princess because it makes him or her feel superior to others and this will hinder the child through life.
From KabTV’s “New Life #811 – The Right Attitude To Parenting,” 1/12/17

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