My Thoughts On Twitter, 2/1/17


Before taking any action, let’s first understand the world we exist in. Then, we can create a new organ of perception.

Kabbalah explains: The world is a HOLOGRAM . A structure of 10 Sefirot, where each Sefira consists of another ten and so on.

You can either study the world the way it is or the way we perceive it. The world is the result of our perception!

Scientists: the universe is a hologram. Kabbalah: the universe is inside our mind. Rise above your mind and discover one upper light.

Our selfish nature seizes control over everything. It creates media that is dependent on its owners, and thus enslaves the masses.

The media is in the hands of the elite, and there will be a fight over it. Revealing the evil in it will trigger the correction.
From Twitter, 2/1/17

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