Rising To A New Degree

laitman_233The Torah, Deuteronomy 12:26: “However, your holy offerings which you will have, and your vows, you shall carry, and come to the place that the Lord chooses.

Holy offerings mean everything precious that I have in me: Reshimot (spiritual information records), qualities, forces, and desires. I have to uncover them, bring them to new contact with the Creator, and by doing that, gradually rise.

I have to constantly analyze my highest states and bring them to unification with the Creator. All this is for the sole purpose of discovering that what I have is suddenly transformed from the elevated states into low states. What was an achievement on the previous level becomes a transgression on the next degree.

When I establish a contact with the next degree, with the next revelation of the Creator, all of my best, wonderful inclinations toward unity, toward the love of others, toward everything, is unexpectedly revealed as evil to me. This is constant: holiness at the lower level becomes evil at the upper degree.

Everything I’ve considered unshakable in me becomes rubbish. I see how my preconceived notions, relationships, definitions, rules, and my perception of the world disappear. There is nothing in them, no truth at all, no value, and no spirituality. All of a sudden, I have discovered that everything I considered to be my contact with spirituality is just zero.

At the same time, the new degree is opened to me because I’ve advanced with faith above reason; I am ready to reject everything that used to be “me” and rise above it.

Faith above reason is a state when I accept the qualities of the Creator, bestowal and love, above what exists in me now. I am ready to accept completely opposite values in desires and intentions to my current state and work according to them. Meanwhile, the next degree is completely opposite to the previous level.

Only one law exists: to rise in bestowal above the will to receive. All past is completely erased and I am building a new degree!
From KabTV’s, “Secrets of the Eternal Book,” 7/6/16

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