Hanukkah Is A Stopover

laitman_222_0At some point in one’s life, a person begins to feel it as small, insignificant, and temporary that brings nothing to him and others. Indeed, what is in it apart from ordinary individuals?

What does he leave to his children and grandchildren, and what do they leave? Nothing! Everything is aimless—stupidity! We play games in this life like kids who constantly compete with each other. But basically it is all some kind of a game of nature that seemingly mocks us.

A person suddenly begins to feel that he needs to unravel this mystery of nature. It can’t be that nature created everything in vain: a cluster of stars, large galaxies and us—so small on this Earth! We feel as if we are on a small boat in an ocean of darkness. How do we understand what’s going on? I want to know! I want to control my own destiny!

When a person has this question, he begins to search, and gradually comes to Kabbalah.

In principle, it may take a few lives until he reaches the correct methodology through his developed desire: how to unveil the meaning of existence, its essence, and its mystery.

Kabbalah answers this very simply. Do you want to open your eyes? It isn’t difficult. The eyes should be directed outward and not inward. When you really open them, you won’t see the world you see in front of you now, because you see it within yourself! It is in your mind!

In order to open your eyes to the real world that exists outside of you, you need a special external influence—the Upper Light. You have to fight with yourself to stop looking inward seeing only yourself and all the rest through yourself.

Ahead is darkness, the crossing of the Red Sea, but you gradually will get out of the old vision of the world and with inner sight, will start looking outward, outside of yourself. At the same time, your physical body remains with you, but it will become completely extrinsic because you already exist in a new vision, in a new comprehension of the world, and there everything is different—other forces, and other objects.

Now you are not within your “box” that constantly deceives you and shows you illusory images, but you see forces and universes.
The transition from the bourgeois, ordinary state to the state of disclosing the eternal, perfect world, the huge system above the stars, above everything you observe now is called “coming to Hanukkah.”

This first step from the material you to the spiritual you is called a step toward the battle with your inner egoistic haters who constantly shoving on you more and more of the new pictures, annoy you, and do with you anything they want.

But if you win this fight, you come to a state of Hanukkah that is an intermediate state in the spiritual work, as a stopover on the path, a break, a short vacation.

Then comes the next stage of development, the next span from Hanukkah to Purim, which is an attainment of the upper world, its real revelation, when you take possession of it and begin to clearly use, manage, and own it.

The complete attainment of the upper world is Purim, that is not just a stopover like Hanukkah, but the final station—a great revelation of the entire universe to a person, where he gets all the answers, attainments, eternal, perfect conditions.

Thus, Hanukkah is the first and only stop on the road halfway to perfection, and it is very important. We celebrate it as a completely spiritual stop, because it is a complete separation from the previous egoistic state, but not yet an approach to the spiritual state. This is why it is so airy, suspended, like in a child, when you still do not possess the world, in which you appeared.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/19/16

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