Where Can One Find A Solution To Conflicts?

Laitman_088Question: Where is it possible to find a solution to the conflicts that people of our time have? Is the solution found in the spiritual world?

Answer: In our world we cannot minimize, mollify, or be sure of resolving conflicts and quarrels in any way because they are all come from clashes of the ego.

While only egoism exists in each one of us, the conflict resolution is as only “knocking down” each other.

Because the ego is constantly growing, it is impossible to crush. Moreover, we see throughout history those who oppress others ultimately find themselves in a worse position like Europe, which oppressed Africa, India, and other colonies.

Everything came back to haunt them, as with the Romans who in their time conquered Europe and England. And where are the Italians now, or the Spaniards who plundered America?

The story is played in full. Nature strongly answers us according to what we deserve. Therefore Russia suffers today from the inhabitants of the lands it conquered in the past.

In other words, there is no solution within egoism; the solution is only through the integration of egoism with altruism. The altruistic force is found above us, and that is precisely what we must discover and draw upon in order to solve our problems, even our earthly problems.

Question: Does this mean that in order to change something in this world we need to rise above it?

Answer: There is no alternative; the present crisis is happening so that we will be forced to begin engaging with the wisdom of Kabbalah and discovering the higher system that brings the positive force into our world, otherwise we will not survive.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/28/16

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