Our World Exists Within A “Matrix”

laitman_747_04In the News (Business Insider): “In a note to clients out Tuesday, Bank of America Merrill Lynch said there’s a 20%-50% chance that we’re living in the matrix — meaning that the world we experience as ‘real’ is actually just a simulation. …

“‘Many scientists, philosophers, and business leaders believe that there is a 20-50% probability that humans are already living in a computer-simulated virtual world.’”

My Comment: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, we exist in a closed system called Adam within which operates a force of full mutual connection between all its parts. The force that connects all the parts of the system is called the Creator. All the parts of the system are totally dependent on each other.

To raise the system from the level of creature (unconscious existence) to the level of the Creator (free and conscious existence), the force called the Creator, which activates and determines all the states of the system, is concealed from us.

As a result of the concealment of the force that fills the system, its parts feel themselves as free and are in relatively chaotic free movement. But this freedom is imaginary. Actually, the force that manages the entire system is concealed only from the parts themselves. The task and the goal of the development of the parts of the system is to attain full freedom of action and to resemble the single controlling force, the Creator. The current state of the system is ready and pushes its parts toward discovering this state. The system itself is arranging a “crisis,” a word that in Greek means birth—the birth of a new state.

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