“Once Again A Storm Is Approaching The US Economy”

400Opinion (Basil Koltashov, Head of Center for Economic Research Institute of Globalization and Social Movements ): “In the years 2015-2016, we buried many hopes and illusions. …

“The US economy is in a bubble. The bubble has debt already exceeding 100% of GDP.

“This bubble exists in the banking system where the situation seems stable only because of the Fed’s supercheap money. The bubble can also been seen in the housing market. And it is also in the stock market.

“There is a whole set of reasons for the 2008 crisis, but the situation is only under control for the meantime. …

“Of course, you can still talk about the strength of the US economy – the economy is high, the country is rich in resources, industry, agriculture and the development of technology. But there is no clarity with the prospects. Moreover, once again the storm is coming.”

My Comment: All of this is clear. It is just not clear how to awaken the sleeping brain of humanity to recognize the real and true danger and to become aware of a realistic solution.

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