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laitman_742_03Question: You travel a lot all over the country and meet different people. You get up early in the morning, actually at midnight or 1 a.m. Isn’t that like self-abuse?

Answer: I live beyond time and don’t feel it. I don’t feel whether it is daytime, nighttime, or morning. I live by my internal feelings and cannot live differently. When I meet people I hope that I am able to “shake” them and that we can find a common language and convey our views to one another, our common suffering, doubts, and hopes.

I have no other choice. I am trying to do everything in my power. I hope that it will help them find the way to the truth and thus improve their lives We are in a very interesting phase of our development now. This is the tipping point in which we transcend to a new dimension, to a new level. It’s like a new spiritual birth.

Incidentally, the meaning of the word “crisis” is birth in Greek; therefore, everything we undergo is our rebirth. Humanity gradually acquires new levels of consciousness and understanding of what is happening.

I truly hope that being in contact with these people will not be in vain and that something of me will enter them, not even verbally, but emotionally, in a natural direct manner while communicating with them. It is very important. Then they will begin to advance toward their spiritual birth.

Question: The desire of a pregnant woman is to have a baby, but is there also the desire of the child to come into the world?

Answer: The baby also has to work seriously. He has to break out of the darkness of the womb that becomes hostile for him, pushing him out. Moreover, he also has to break through with his head first.

The “midwives” who receive the spiritual baby is us, those Kabbalists who show him how he should come out into the world and help deliver him. Kabbalists simultaneously influence both the upper Partzuf, the upper structure that gives birth to the person’s soul, and the person himself, by showing him how he should break free of the captivity of this world.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/5/16

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