In A Closed System

laitman_944Question: If we were working in a group ideally to create connection between us correctly, would we then not have any physical suffering?

Answer: Right, but it is not possible to do this work ideally. After all, you are not alone, you are working in a group, and it is connected to all of humanity. So even if someone has small physical desires, he has an influence on us.

We are in one closed integral system, one collective soul, such that what anyone else outside of the group does influences everyone.

Question: Does it follow that I will not be able to build a connection through my intellect, that I will not be able to check and think rationally, why this happened?

Answer: It is possible to calculate everything, but Kabbalists are not involved with that. The wisdom of Kabbalah even forbids doing this because you need to be interested in the result. The result is immediate contact with the Creator. This is greater contact than before, a contact in which you attain all the contrasts and contradictions as they are connected with the beginning and end of creation.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/15/16

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