How Can We Overcome The Crisis Of Confidence?

laitman_629_3Question: What actions of unity can help us overcome the crisis of confidence?

Answer: Today the crisis of confidence grips everyone in the world feels a crisis of confidence: there is no trust in the family, between parents and children, between citizens and their state, and all the more so between different states and different peoples. We are detached from one another and divided because our egosim is continuously growing.

Our world was created by one attribute only, which is egoism, and we have to add the other attribute, altruism, by ourselves in order to balance the attribute of egoism. We have to insert the attribute of love and bestowal into this world so that it will stand against egoism.

But we don’t do that, and so the process of people drawing further away from each other continues in the family, in society, everywhere. What can we do about it? The only thing we can do is to begin to draw the good force, which is concealed in nature, unto us.

The good force is called the Creator or the Light, and we must draw it. Our future and the future of our children depend on it. Let’s try to do it! The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us how we can implement it.

We need to adapt this wisdom properly, adapt it to our times, and convey it in a clear manner to ourselves and then to others. Then we will succeed and the crisis of confidence will disappear.

This will happen only when, precisely because this crisis, we have to attract the Upper Light that will balance our evil inclination, and we will eventually be able to connect to each other. Moreover, we will feel united in one desire.

The Creator created one desire, and then the ego shattered, severed us in this desire, and divided it into countless pieces. And now, where egoism reigns between us,it is necessary to cover it with good, mutual rapprochement, mutual bestowal, and even love. This is our task.

Then our tiny souls, which are divided by egoism, will be covered with a good mutual connection. This “sandwich”—huge ego inside and great, mighty altruism above it, love and bestowal—will give us great power to attain the Creator. We will penetrate its depth and achieve attainment, expansion, eternity, and perfection.

All of this is meant for us and will be ours. But we must strive for it.

Question: This type of work is basically not done in one hour. Will we have to continuously build small bridges of love over our egoism that is continually growing?

Answer: There is nothing to worry about. Many Kabbalists attained the peak of the end of correction, and we are in a position where we are able to do it—nothing is unattainable.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/8/16

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