The Day Of Love

laitman_572_02Comment: The 15th of Av, the day of love occurs a week after the tragic day of the 9th of Av

Answer: According to our sources, this is the day that the young women of Jerusalem go out dressed in white to the orchards and the vineyards and sing. The young men join them and choose their bride. This is what characterizes this holiday.

Comment: Many believe that the 15th of Av is similar to Valentine’s Day and that it is not deeply rooted in Jewish tradition.

Answer: This holiday is mentioned in writings that are 3,000 years old, and so I believe that it is a tradition. Our holidays and special days should be divided into those that have already been fulfilled in our calendar and those that have not yet been fulfilled. We should understand that there are holidays and special dates that only Israel have undergone and those that the whole world, all of humanity, has to undergo.

We celebrate certain dates since they will appear only in the future, like Purim, for example. In fact, they were revealed to some extent and there was such an event in the our history, such a problem did come up, and as usual they wanted to destroy our whole nation in ancient Babylon, and we managed to avoid it successfully; we came out of exile, etc…But this holiday is basically the embodiment of a future state and not of a historical event.

It is the same with the day of love. The day of love is basically the greatest day, the greatest holiday! Love! However, it isn’t the love that young men and young women look for in the vineyards, but a totally different kind of love that is built on top of the correction of the ego that brought about the destruction of the First and Second Temples and which the period between the 17th of Tammuz and the 9th of Av symbolizes. It is about the time of the destruction of the two Temples and other problems and afflictions that the Jewish people have undergone. And just a week later, when all that is gone and corrected, a new period begins.

It is a time in which we build the Temple, but this Temple is in our hearts, the connection between us. We look for a spiritual partner, and the spiritual partner for both men and women is the upper force, the Creator. We connect with Him and together receive the absolute filling, pleasure, and enlightenment, the revelation of the real world. We exist in it and not only in a small fragment of this world. The whole process symbolizes the correction, the rebuilding of the Temple, and the transition from hatred to love.

Question: Is this what the 15th of Av, the day of love, symbolizes?

Answer: Basically yes, but it is a holiday for which we have no special date, because it is seemingly celebrated on Purim. Purim is the holiday of freedom, the holiday of correction only for the Jewish people, while now we are nearing a state in which we will celebrate it with the whole world. It says in the Book of Psalms that the Third Temple will be called “a house of prayer for all the nations.” This is the reason that the 15th of Av seems similar to Valentine’s Day. Symbolically it indicates that this will be a holiday of love for the whole world.

Question: Can we compare it with the holidays of all the religions?

Answer: Yes, it seems to be external to religion, like the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Comment: You have said that it will be a holiday that can be celebrated any time…

Answer: That’s true, since what else do we mean by rebuilding the Third Temple? It is a state in which we connect into one single system called man, Adam, stemming from the Hebrew root “Domeh – to resemble,” to resemble the Creator. When this system is connected by the positive forces, when all of humanity is connected together, it will be called the Third Temple. The Creator will be revealed in the system of the positive connection, the upper force of the world, and thus we will live in what we call the Third Temple, in a totally different world, in a feeling of eternity and wholeness. It will be like a real day of love as it is written: love will cover all our transgressions, and love thy friend as thyself, etc., which means that this is the ultimate state of all mankind. We will reach it whether by force, by the stick, or in a clever rational way, as the wisdom of Kabbalah advises us to do, quickly and easily.

Comment: The 15th of Av is a clue of the sublime state that we call the third Temple.

Answer: Yes, at the same time, a young woman symbolizes all of humanity and a young man symbolizes the Creator. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah describes and explains. It is impossible to imagine that King Solomon, a great Kabbalist who left us such a masterpiece, simply wrote about love! The 15th of Av, the day of love is the greatest holiday because all the other holidays represent how we reach it, and it comes at the end, at the end of our development.

Question: What do we find behind the absolute love we attain?

Answer: It is only a condition, the connection of two opposite forces, of two attributes, into one; the new energy that develops on top of this connection, the consciousness, the understanding, the feeling, raises us to the next level, which is not described anywhere. The wisdom of Kabbalah only tells us about how we should reach this state. What is beyond that? We are not told because we cannot understand it. We don’t have the feelings or the mind to understand the next level.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 8/11/16

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